Auto showroom Security

Vehicle showrooms need to be protected in this day and age due to the high-end technology being introduced in modern vehicles leaving them with heavy price tags. Vehicle showrooms are an easy target for thieves since 2017 car thefts in the UK has increased by 60% and has been on its worst since 2012.

This service allows the showroom to focus on their sales and keep the business running the way it should. Car showrooms are increasing the number of vehicles they store every year due to new registrations during May and September, therefore it is becoming more of a security responsibility for businesses. Cars also possess high end audio systems, cosmetic materials of high value, such as alloys and other expensive third-party parts. This increases the chance of attracting thieves as well as the chance of the vehicle being targeted.

Here at ASB, we will provide SIA-approved guards to protect your business assets and staff working within it. Using our unique assessment process, we are able to detect vulnerabilities and blind spots.

This will include:

  • Providing manned guards onsite.
  • Provide a detailed assessment to make sure blind spots are covered.
  • Setting up any technology where required, in order to improve service performance and business protection.
  • Using well-established and proven processes for a smooth service.

For information on how ASB can help provide a security solution for you,
contact us on 020 8214 1000 or message us for a callback within 12 hours