Construction Security

At ASB Security we ensure not only that our guards are safe but also that are clients are too. In this case of construction, we will work beyond your usual security service.

This will include:

  • Providing clients with equipment after analysis such as access control, scaffolding alarms, etc.
  • Stop and search checks with staff to prevent loss of equipment, which a known common issue.
  • Guards patrolling around the site, tagging areas after they have been checked.
  • All ASB Construction guards are CSCS trained in health and safety, however training level will vary from guard to guard.

Building equipment and materials are expensive products to possess and are become a increasingly attractive target to thieves. There are multiple aspects of your construction site that can draw unwanted attention and can cause unwanted activity from individuals. This may cause interruption to your business.

In order to keep your site safe and to keep the level of criminal activity and attraction for the same at a minimum, we are able to deploy well-trained professional security guards with the relevant industry-specific experience where needed. We can also have personal CSCS-licensed guards if requested.

We deliver a great customer-focused service. We also aim to deliver a rapid and effective response. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Manned and Static Security

Manned guarding is known to be the most effective security measures, which ensures the protection of the construction site and equipment alongside personnel.

ASB aim to provide well-experienced manned construction guards with great specialist skills such as mobile patrols, access controls and gate house security. Our security personnel are also trained in delivery and waste management, due to the hazardous affects of construction sites.

We also have first-aid trained staff, who follow well-established health and safety guidelines and assist in situations which may otherwise escalate.

Our team will ensure to keep your site, property and assets protected, making sure there is minimal interruption to your site.


Construction Mobile Patrols

If you require security in more than one location, then look no further. ASB will go above and beyond in order to protect every inch of your site.

Building developments are by nature dangerous places due to the presence of hazards that are active at every moment. Construction sites come with a large amount of restricted access, which presents multiple opportunities for criminal activity to develop, which becomes a challenge for site managers. Our security guards will deliver amazing coverage in order to maintain total protection across your site.

As we will have the ability to move around and monitor various parts, we will have the benefit to access areas which may not be accessible by foot. Using marked patrol vehicles, we can provide a cost-effective visual deterrent. Using well-established processes, we can deliver a rapid and effective response to any security breach.

CCTV Installation And Surveillance

ASB Security can provide the whole construction site CCTV package, from reliable installation and round-the-clock monitoring, carried out by well-trained and professionally licensed security staff.

CCTV is a hassle-free high impact technique that provides 24/7 eyes and ears over your site. This may also be a first response strategy, depending on the level of service required. Staff monitoring your site will deploy security personal to your site immediately or alert the police of a security breach.

For information on how ASB can help provide a security solution for you,
contact us on 020 8214 1000 or message us for a callback within 12 hours