Event security

Event security is a service which allows event organisers the pace and freedom they need to provide guests with the best experience during their time at any event. ASB will make sure the event and visitors are kept safe and that all critical assets remain protected.

This will include:

  • Having on-site guards on the constant lookout for hazards.
  • Protecting the audience or crowd and keeping the event a safe place of entertainment.
  • To assure that high priority contacts can carry out their motive smoothly.
  • Fitting in necessary equipment and using Smart strategies to tackle blind spots and other potential disadvantages.
  • Using technology to reduce cause for concerns, such as access control tools, metal detectors, and search machines.

ASB security are extremely experienced in running event security. Security remains an essential part for prestigious family, society and business affairs. ASB security should be your number one choice for those special events, conferences, conventions, private parties, charity events, festivals, concerts, business gatherings, red-carpet events and black-tie affairs.

We guarantee the safe running of any event we cover the security regardless of the volume of people or complexity of the operation.

We cover many aspects of event security:

  • Perimeter security
  • Backstage security
  • Control of VIP areas
  • Logistics guarding
  • Crowd management
  • Stewarding
  • Health and safety issues

ASB Security will liaise with main venue personnel and event organisers right from early planning stages all the way through to the breaking down and to clearing the site following the event. This ensures that site security is managed as a fundamental part of the organisation and that the whole event runs without problems.

Show and Event Security

ASB Security does not only mean providing security guards and marshals. Running a show or an event requires a more cohesive approach, so that clients are satisfied with personnel and organisations of the security team at their event. For events taking place within the City of London or elsewhere in the UK, ASB Security will provide guards and logistics. We will also use and practice the necessary management techniques to ensure quality, safety and protection for the event and associated personnel.

ASB security have staff who are fully experienced in event security in London and UK event operation and they will liaise with the client from the early planning of the event right through until the end. Not only do ASB Security take control of all areas including perimeter security and control over who goes backstage, the staff manage crowds through stewarding and, after the event is over, there will be comprehensive clear up.

For information on how ASB can help provide a security solution for you,
contact us on 020 8214 1000 or message us for a callback within 12 hours