Hotel Security

Hotel security is another service which needs protection. This is due from break-ins from car park areas, unwanted guests attending the hotel, Guest vandalizing hotel property. This will be challenging for anyone who Is running a hotel. At ASB Security we aim to tackle these problems with our staff, monitoring individuals entering and exiting the hotel.

This will include:

  • Staff open and close checks.
  • Guards patrolling around the premises/property for any threats.
  • Guards standing outside the property.
  • Making sure there is no abusive behavior with guests and staff.

We understand that security staff working in the hospitality sector must maintain a high level of customer service without compromising on his or her duties as a security officer. A unique skillset is required when dealing with a demanding hospitality industry, making sure all the guests and their valuables are kept safe and secure alongside liaison with hotel management. This is to help keep up a safe and pleasant environment at all times, being vigilant. Having a proactive approach to all situations and fulfilling all daily duties is of the utmost importance for us while maintaining an approachable and welcoming face.

What To Expect:


  • CCTV monitoring.
  • Regular foot patrols
  • The parking lot and fire exit checks.
  • Well groomed and presentable at all times.
  • Key holding/alarm response.
  • All guards are first-aid trained.
  • Incident reporting and hazard registering.
  • Health and safety.
  • Additional background checks on all guards.

We strongly believe in consultative partnerships


At ASB Security we have close professional relationships with all clients and staff, making sure we keep in contact with regular updates. We like to work as a close partner so we can assign a dedicated guard to manage the work/project with you throughout your service with us.

For information on how ASB can help provide a security solution for you,
contact us on 020 8214 1000 or message us for a callback within 12 hours