Residential Security

Residential security is a service providing guards to secure a individual’s premises and protect it from invasions and privacy disturbances. This will include ongoing threats to an individual and other possible attacks. This is also known as estate security or estate protection.

This has a similar process to event security, providing equipment and other assets to take advantage of blind spots and other noticed issues that may cause our service to become vulnerable in performance.

This will include:

  • Providing guards to an individual’s personal property
  • Possibly accommodating our guards depending on severity of this individual’s life.
  • The main objective is to defend the person and property, defending these from attacks alongside preventing people and hazards from disturbing privacy.
  • This will be a more expensive service and due to increased risks requiring the guard to stay overnight, the night shift charge is more expensive.
  • Making a blueprint and planned strategy on how to defend the property and take into account all vulnerabilities.

ASB Security provides protection to properties of any description, from private home, country estates, farms and stables, to any other related residential environment. We can provide a single security officer or a dedicated team trained for residential environments.

  • Requirements for residential security can vary considerably depending on the client’s situation, nature and level of threat or present location
  • An initial assessment of the property will be undertaken, alongside any risk assessment or hazard registration.
  • Our goal is to use advanced processes and techniques to tackle risks to property, people, assets and livestock.
  • Using our experience, we will provide you with advice on the recommendations and level of security you require.
  • If a more physical presence is required, we will provide this where needed.

PLEASE NOTE: We provide security presence at any property regardless of size or location.

For information on how ASB can help provide a security solution for you,
contact us on 020 8214 1000 or message us for a callback within 12 hours