Door Supervision

Door supervision is a service provided to make sure the safety of customers and staff present at a venue, such as bars, nightclubs, pubs and other licensed premises are protected.

This service also includes checking if the Code of Conduct of the venue is met. This may mean checking dress code alongside the identification of people who may constitute a security risk. To provide this service, an SIA-approved guard who has the license specific to door supervision is required.

This will include:

  • Security guard standing at the entrance.
  • Checking the suitability of people.
  • Hazard detection and execution.

ASB Security wants to ensure your venue or establishment is memorable for all the correct reasons. Our security door supervisors take pride in providing a personal touch and looking the part, using non-confrontational approaches to diffuse any situation before it escalates wherever possible.

ASB supply individual door supervisor service if needed. We listen closely to customer needs and specifications to provide the most suitable door supervisor for any setting. We have pride in our personal touch towards catering for specific settings and will assist in any way to meet your needs. We ensure a service of the highest professional standards, guaranteed.

ASB are able to provide a single door supervisor for a small or large public or private party, as well as a great team of any number of door supervisors for your event. We set a Code of Conduct policy with a dress code that all our door supervisors must adhere at all times to give the client the most professional representation possible. Door supervisors are the customers’ first point of contact and will be the first body they meet when arriving at a venue, therefore door supervisors are paramount to your business success, maintaining a good reputation and atmosphere and ensuring the safety of all customers. ASB Security is well-experienced and trained in conflict management, first aid training, drug awareness, security processes, and intervention and hazard detection techniques to ensure a strong, secure presence that is customer-friendly.

ASB Security dispatches door supervisors with quality and experience, allowing you to concentrate on the business, venue or event knowing it is in secure hands without worrying about the unexpected. Our service is designed to be flexible and meet your needs, expectations, and budget. Give us a call now for further information and queries.

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